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Winedering In Porto


Porto for me is a combination of authenticity, with history and amazing architecture, with a river that seems to have been painted to perfection. And of course wine. Lots of wonderful wine.


​I want to invite you to dive into an extraordinary experience in this breathtaking city. We will wander the sidewalks and alleyways, drink and talk about wine, experience culture, smells and memories. We will taste local foods and get to know Portugal through its wine culture.  But above all, we will have a lot of fun. And fun is a lot!

  • The tour takes three to four hours 

  • It focuses on the historic district of Porto

  • There is a 2.5-3 km walk

  • Four carefully selected Portuguese wines

  • A picnic with three types of cheese, vegetables, olives, olive oil, sardines and fresh bread

  • A taste of traditional Portuguese food

  • An intimate tour of up to eight participants


* Wear comfortable shoes, bring water and something warm to wear.

Tour details



Tour for 7-8 participants: 50 euros per person

Tour for 4-6 participants: 60 euros per person

Tour for 3 participants: 70 euros per person

Tour for 2 participants: 80 euros per person

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